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Unreadable Canon RAW Files on Compact Flash

Before going on my trip to Europe, I switched my Canon 10D to RAW mode and bought two 1.0GB compact flash cards.

Half way into the trip, my camera started getting "Err 99" problems. I lost a lot of shooting opportunities re-booting the camera after each error, but when a photo did successfully get taken, I had no problems downloading it to iPhoto on my PowerBook.

Then, on the second last day, I was transferring one of the 1GB cards to my PowerBook and it complained that the files were not a recognizable format. Judging from the fact the .CRW files were sitting in a temp directory, the transfer seemed to go okay. And I can view the photos without issue on the camera itself.

Anyone experienced this problem before? Any ideas how I can recover at least the embedded JPEGs from the CRWs?

I'm going to have to send the camera in to Canon to get the Err 99 problems fixed. That I can live with. Losing 160 photos is more upsetting.

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Mount Pilatus Myst

Is it just me or is there something Myst-like about this shot I took from the top of Mount Pilatus in Lucerne?

top of mount pilatus

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More Old XML Posts

Trying to dig up some old posts on behaviour sheets, I came across two interesting posts I made to xsl-list back in August 1998:


My feeling on the issue is that a spec be developed for tree addressing patterns that serves the needs of both XPointers and XSL patterns. Such a spec could stand apart (but be normative to) both XLink and XSL.


It occurs to me that maybe the formatting objects could be separate too.

I would actually like XSL to consist of three separate things:

1. Pattern Language for Tree Addressing; 2. DTD and Specification of Formatting Objects; 3. Specification for Stylesheets themselves, Tree Transforms, etc.

Given that XPath, XSL-FO and XSLT now have very separate existences, it's funny to think they started off as essentially one spec.

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Behaviour Sheets Becoming A Reality

In the first couple of years of XML, I remember having discussions with people like Steve Ball and Paul Prescod about a hypothetical beast we called "behaviour sheets". The idea was that, just like stylesheets associate a style with particular elements or patterns of elements, a "behaviour sheet" associates behaviour (e.g. what to do when clicked on or moused over or dragged) with particular elements or patterns of elements.

Netscape submitted a spec to the W3C, although they called them Action Sheets.

Well, the idea (and an implementation) has emerged again in the form of a Javascript library called Behaviour. Ben's a Kiwi so he spells it correctly too! :-)

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