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Finally home in Perth after almost six months away.

Flights were uneventful other than losing my luggage somewhere between Boston and Brisbane. Still no word whether they've found it.

I have a tremendous amount to catch up on, not sure where to start.

Stay tuned. I'll be back to blogging lots now.

UPDATE (2005-08-02): Luggage has been found and returned.

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I'm Proud

I'm proud of Elliot Cohen, who I'm mentoring in Google's Summer of Code. He's writing unit tests before implementing code.

Be careful Elliot; it's addictive :-)

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Last Days

These are the last few days of my marathon trip to the US. On Friday, I'll be heading home after being away for almost six months.

Things are very busy at work (in a good way) and that, combined with preparations for leaving (like working out how to ship all the stuff I've accumulated here, in Austin, Palm Beach and Europe) means that I probably won't have time for much else until I get home on Sunday.

Apologies for the paucity of posts of late. I'll be back in full force next week :-)

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Leonardo and Atom 1.0

Dave Warnock has been working on Atom 1.0 support in Leonardo. We decided it would be a good opportunity to start a better separation of the Leonardo core from individual plugins, so he is working on the plugin itself and I'll work on updates to the core, which I'll release as 0.7.

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Kaju Katli

My favourite Indian sweet is Kaju Katli.

Kaju means cashew. Are the two words cognate? Or is one a loan word (and in which direction?)

UPDATE (2005-07-22): Merriam-Webster claims cashew is from the Portuguese acajú. Platt's Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English says that काजू is probably from...you guessed it—the Portuguese word acajú. But even the Portuguese acajú is just a loan word from the Tupi acajú.