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Short-Term Testing in Quisition

When using physical flash cards I use two distinct methods for determining which subset of cards to test myself on in a particular session and what happens when I get a card right or wrong. I'm implementing the same system online for Quisition.

The first is what I call short-term testing.

It applies only to the current pile being learnt (as opposed to older ones being reviewed) and I try to keep this to around 10 cards. I try to do this a couple of times a day and it usually only takes a few minutes.

I go through the pile testing myself on each one and putting them into a right pile or wrong pile. If there are no cards in the wrong pile, I'm done. However if there are, I go through the wrong pile again. If I get it right it goes in the right pile but if I get it wrong again it goes back in the wrong pile. I keep repeating this until the wrong pile is empty. Then I repeat the whole process again.

So there are, in effect, two while loops, the outer while loop testing (or retesting) all cards and the inner loop retesting the cards got wrong.

Note that the results of the short-term test don't need to be persisted. For this reason, I've implemented it entirely client-side in Javascript for Quisition.

I'll put up a demo short-term test in the next few weeks for people to try out. Subscribe to the announcement feed on the Quisition website to find out when it's available.

UPDATE (2006-01-21): Now see the demo.

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antrix on Sunday 11 December, 2005:

I don't know if you've already planned for this but it would sure be nice to share flashcard sets with others.

James Saiz on Sunday 11 December, 2005:

Antrix, absolutely!

Part of the site will be a library of shared flashcards.

Tim on Sunday 11 December, 2005:

Is this the same as 'retry mistakes' in Madabar Vocab? (excuse the oblique plug ;-)

Is it worth still sending the results to the server for the sake of statistics?

James Saiz on Sunday 11 December, 2005:

No problem plugging Madabar. I'm hoping Madabar and Quisition can play nicely together :-)

It's similar to 'retry mistakes', I guess, but it really needs to be viewed as part of the larger long-term testing (which I'll describe in a later post).

The daily long-term test is really where I think the useful statistics will come from. The idea of the short-term test is just as a little extra memorization in between the long-term tests.

Might there still be useful statistics that can be gathered? Possibly. That can be something I look into once things are up and running.

pharmacy man on Thursday 16 February, 2006:

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ixgames - bingo, online casino, sport book and online poker on Friday 10 March, 2006:

Note that the results of the short-term test don't need to be persisted. For this reason, I've implemented it entirely client-side in ixgames for Quisition

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