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Mounting Disk Images From OS X Terminal

Sometimes, to install software on my remote Mac Mini, I need to be able to mount disk images from a terminal session.

I just discovered how to do this. The command is hdiutil.

To mount a disk image:

hdiutil attach SomeDiskImage.dmg

Although I haven't tried it, I believe the disk image can be referenced by URI.

To unmount:

hdiutil detach /Volumes/SomeDiskImage/

I've added this to my Headless Tiger page.

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Tim Bray on Friday 03 March, 2006:

Well you know, in the shell you can just say "open Foo.dmg" and the right thing wil happen. Wonderful thing, that open command. Then, if you're an old unix hack, you can say "sudo umount /Volumes/Foo"

James Saiz on Friday 03 March, 2006:

Thanks Tim, I hadn't thought to try open for mounting disk images. The hdiutil command is still handy for other disk-image-related operations, it seems.

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