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Minti Launched

On Monday evening I had the pleasure of meeting Clay Cook and his wife Rachel. Besides being successful Web entrepreneurs, they're super-nice people.

They've just launched their latest venture, Minti, which is a parenting advice site with user contributed articles, rating, tagging and all that Web 2.0 goodness.

Check it out: http://www.minti.com

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Demokritos 0.3.7 Released

Last week, Dave Johnson mentioned that he'd successfully posted from his blogging client MatisseBlogger to Demokritos. It was a great interop session on #atom and Joe Gregorio also provided automated testing against Demokritos.

Thanks to both Dave and Joe I was able to make fixes to Demokritos. I didn't do a release immediately, but here it now is:


This version has successfully worked with two independent clients now, so it's getting into reasonable shape.

The upcoming 0.4.0 release will include authentication.

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Starting Leukippos

Given that Leonardo has web-based editing, I'll need some kind of web-based Atom Protocol client once Leonardo is based on Demokritos.

I've been toying for a while with writing an AJAX-based Atom client. The natural name for it would be Leukippos. (Leukippos was the teacher of Demokritos and co-originator of the Greek idea of atoms.)

Anyway, tonight I made a start. My first version of Leukippos retrieves an APP introspection document via XmlHttpRequest, parses it to retrieve the workspaces and collections and allows a user to click on a collection to retrieve it.

I'm not finished collection feed parsing yet, but once that's done and I've prettied it up a bit with CSS, I'll post it here.

My ultimate goal would for it to function something like TiddlyWiki but, of course, with Atom Protocol support (an idea I've mentioned before).

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