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Upgrade This Site With Anti-Spam Maths Captcha

I've upgrade this site to Leonardo 0.7.0 which I'm about to release.

It includes an enhancement to the comment module by Bryan Lawrence that provides for a maths-based captcha to help prevent comment spam. Basically you'll need to do a simple addition to post a comment.

Hopefully this will stop the literally thousands of automated spam comments I receive each month.

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Quisition Update

If any of you are wondering how Quisition, my online flashcard site, is going, here's an update.

I'm currently implementing the account sub-system: sign-up, activation, login, etc.

Once that is done, I'll probably go live with it, even though you won't be able do anything with your account just yet.

Remember you can always subscribe to the announcements feed on the Quisition site for announcement when new things become available.

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