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Upgrade This Site With Anti-Spam Maths Captcha

I've upgrade this site to Leonardo 0.7.0 which I'm about to release.

It includes an enhancement to the comment module by Bryan Lawrence that provides for a maths-based captcha to help prevent comment spam. Basically you'll need to do a simple addition to post a comment.

Hopefully this will stop the literally thousands of automated spam comments I receive each month.

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Fuzzyman on Tuesday 14 March, 2006:

I recently implemented a few changes to my guestbook to reduce automated spam. (I was also getting hundreds of spam posts a day.)

It decreased the volume dramatically, down to about ten or twenty a day *manually* posted spam entries.

I think I've decided that requiring a valid email address and getting posters to verify their entry is the best way to deal with that (and banning email addresses that post spam).

dayspot on Tuesday 14 March, 2006:

Hi there,

We are very interested in Python and its web applications. While looking forward to this new release of Leonardo, we are wonder whether it supports unicode/Chinese URL (e.g.upgrade_this_site_with_anti-spam_maths_captcha in Chinese Characters). Or do you have some pointers?

Sorry to be a little bit OT.

Best regards,

msh210 on Monday 20 March, 2006:

I don't get it. It asked me "What is 9+8?" and I wrote "11" but it wouldn't accept that. What did I do wrong?

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