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Exploring lighttpd

Mostly for Quisition but also as an Apache-replacement for some of my other sites, I'm exploring lighttpd.

It sure looks nice so far. If software is judged by how it is configured, lighttpd is wonderful. A breath of fresh air!

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dda on Monday 13 March, 2006:

I have started playing, for a project involving a gumstix, with Boa Webserver, http://www.boa.org/ – it is installed by default on gumstixes. I installed it on a Linux boz, and was impressed by the speed. Configuration is very Apache-like – albeit a fraction of it, and I quickly figured out how to run php scripts as .cgi. That has me a bit worried about security though, but more prodding will tell I guess.

James Saiz on Monday 13 March, 2006:

I think the thing that impressed me about the configuration was you can get going with just a few lines and then incrementally add stuff when you need it.

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