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Accepted into PhD Programme at Essex

Today I received a packaging indicating my acceptance into the PhD programme in Linguistics at the University of Essex. I will be a part-time external student for the next six to eight years starting this April.

It's hard to describe just how much this means to me. Doing a doctorate is by far my oldest goal in life. I was about eight when I decided I wanted to do a PhD. In high school, I wanted to do it in theoretical physics (specifically general relativity) but 18 months into undergraduate studies decided I wanted to do it in linguistics.

Various reasons, both personal and commercial, delayed my commencement by a decade. But I always knew I wanted to come back to it. I'm finally on the path. Thank you to my referees and to my new supervisor, Andy Spencer.

Undoubtedly you'll hear a lot more about it on this blog over the years.

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Missing SxSW

The last two years, I've gone to SxSW. This year, the timing didn't work with the schedule at work.

Last year I expressed my disappoinment about missing ETech because of SxSW but this year (when they were scheduled at different times) I've missed them both :-(

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Amazon S3

Amazon's Digital Services division has launched a data storage web service called S3. Probably a decent way for them to make some money off excess storage they have.

They offer both a REST and SOAP interface. It took all of a minute or two for me to grok the REST interface. Just had to map a couple of things into a well-known mental model. With the SOAP interface, I felt far more like I was having to learn an entirely new way.

Of course, that comes as no surprise to me ;-)

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