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Jennifer Tauber

Jenni's Afternoon

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Wong Ying Qi (Grace Francine) on Tuesday 14 February, 2006:

Hi Jenny, i have tried to write to u over the past 5 days when i came across your contact address but then i couldn't send my message to u thus i hope that u can return me your message via my e-mail address. I'm ssorry, if it sounds a little sudden but do u remember me? I used to be your neighbour in Rossmoyne, that horrible Chinese tom-boyish girl who has now become feminine? I still have the photo of the both of us taken outside your house when u were in Year 5 and i was in year 3. Anyway,i was hoping that my message could reach out to you here and that u could reply me via my e-mail address as i really do miss talking and writing to my australian friends whom i really really miss. I really miss Perth too and especially Rossmoyne Pri and Mr Wills who was my teacher in Year 5. By the way HAPPY VALENTINES DAY JENNY! love ya lots =) hope to hear from u soon....thanx

Grace Francine on Tuesday 14 February, 2006:

My e-mail address is, yeah hoping to hear from u soon so we could keep in contact=p

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